Report 2024-02

Ethereum discv5 weekly report 2024-02 #

Our methodology is available here.

Agents #

Agent Distribution #

This bar chart represents the distribution of various user agents within the Ethereum discv5 DHT. Each bar corresponds to a different user agent or client type and indicates its relative prevalence within the network for the given reporting period. The chart provides a snapshot of how different Ethereum clients are being utilized in the network’s decentralized infrastructure.

Cloud Providers #

Cloud Hosting Rate #

This line chart displays the count of beacon nodes within the Ethereum discv5 network that are hosted on known commercial cloud providers compared to those that are not. It tracks the distribution over a specified period, providing insights into the infrastructure preferences for node hosting.

Regular analysis of this chart can reveal trends in the adoption of cloud services for beacon nodes. Such information is crucial for understanding the network’s resilience and the potential reliance on cloud infrastructure. cloud-rate-agents

This bar chart presents the weekly distribution of Ethereum beacon nodes among various cloud providers, including nodes not hosted within data centers.

The line chart illustrates the trends in the distribution of Ethereum beacon nodes across cloud providers over the given time period. Note that nodes hosted outside of data centers are not included in this representation.

Geolocation #

Stale Records #

Protocols #